Which CBD Product?

Types Of CBD Products

As we discussed earlier, CBD is typically produced in 2 forms; full plant and isolate. In addition to this, the CBD hemp oil can be found in many varieties, each with different strengths and combinations of phytocannabinoids.

CBD oil can be taken on its own or infused into a number of different products including food. There is no right way to take CBD as it really does depend on personal choice.

The main factors to consider are taste, convenience and the speed of delivery into your system as the CBD is absorbed.

Common Methods Of CBD Consumption


Usually Consumed In Foods And Other Edibles Such As Soft Gels And Gummies. The CBD Typically Takes Around An Hour To Be Digested And Enter Your Body’s System.

Other Examples:

Concentrated CBD pastes
CBD infused water, chewing gum, powders, cooking oils
Cookies, brownies


The CBD Is Applied Through Creams And Lotions. This Is Particularly Good For Pain Relief And Beauty Treatments Where Localised Targeting Can Take Place.

Other Examples:



Typically Administered Through Vape Cartridges (Like E-Cigaretes)

Also Can Be Used As Crystals And Wax (Aka Shatter). Similar To Sublingual Applications, The Delivery To The Bloodstream Is Relatively Quick.


Administered By Place A Drop Under The Tongue Such As With CDB Oil Tinctures And Sprays. This Allows For The CBD To Enter The Bloodstream Relatively Quickly.

How To Take The CBD Oil


What: CBD oil drops, tinctures and sprays will typically have a serving suggestion size on the bottle or packaging. This is listed in milligrams (mg) and allows you to compare different products as well as understand how much to take.

How: Drop or spray the liquid onto your tongue and hold for a minimum of 60 seconds. Make sure you do this so that it can starting working asap! The blood vessels under your tongue and your saliva glands help transfer the CBD into your bloodstream quickly. Then swallow.

Remember – if you don’t like the taste, try the flavored varieties!

Good for:

Fast working, potency, taste

Does not affect lungs


Method of application may not suit everyone

Moderately discreet


What: CBD vapes and e-liquids provides the fastest response as the CBD goes straight into your system. You can buy pre-filled vape pens, kits and refills to support this form of administration.

How: Simply inhale slowly for approximately 2-3 seconds then continue to inhale naturally for as long as you can. Follow this by exhaling when it naturally feels right to.

Good for:

Very fast working, potency, similar to e-cigarettes, relaxing


Method of application may not suit everyone

Not so discreet


What: CBD edibles come in many varieties from chocolate to gummies.

How: This is the easiest way to consume CBD as it is no different from eating! Simply open the packet and enjoy. Make sure you do understand the concentration though.

Good for:

Social element

Easy to take

Very discreet

Can have an extended time of effect


Slower absorption

May be more expensive per mg

Lower potency


What: These are currently the most potent of the CBD products on the market. They are available in pastes and in oil forms.

How: In oil or paste form you follow the same directions as with drops and tinctures by placing the CBD oil under the tongue for 60 seconds or more. With the paste you will need to squeeze some onto the back of a spoon.

Other forms of concentrate are typically taken through vaporizers or water pipes.

Good for:

Social element, fast working


Maybe cheaper per mg (compared to Full Spectrum CBD Oil)

Not so discreet


What: CBD Softgels are similar to other health supplements that are taken in soft capsule form.

How: Simply take the recommended amount with a glass of water as you would do any other pill or tablet.

Good for:

Easy to take

Very discreet

Can have an extended time of effect


Slower to work (as per edibles)


What: CBD topicals typically come in the form or creams and balms that can be used directly on an area of the body. Patches can be used as a method of slow-release of CBD such as on a plane journey.

How: Following the instructions on the product rub the cream, balm or ointment onto the affected area.

With patches, stick the patch on an arm (for example) and leave. It will slowly release CBD into the body.

Good for:

Easy to apply


Can have an extended time of effect


Slower to work


What: There are many CBD products for pets on the market now in a number of forms including tinctures, topicals and edibles (treats).

How: Following the instructions on the product labels and preferably in consultation with your veterinary practitioner you should administer the CBD in a similar way to human administration

Variations on this would be to add some CBD drops into the pet’s food as oral administration may be a bit trickier.

Good for:

Dogs and Cats

Thunderstorms, fireworks, parties

Other animals



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